Real science

Madame Curie, Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op

Illustration by Mark stivers

Whole30 this. Paelo that. Macrobiotic everything. Right now everyone seems to be on trendy diets that claim science but without the benefit of, well, facts (no peppers or tomatoes—LOL, what?). How’s this for a hypothesis: Eat simple and fresh. The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op’s Madame Curie juice concoction ($6.25 for 16 ounces) makes for a good start. This ruby red drink blends carrot and beet juices with lemon, garlic and ginger. The taste is slightly sweet with a pulled-straight-from-the-ground earthiness and gentle spicy kick. Need further experimentation? Ask for extra ginger for immune-system bolstering. Surely there’s a science text somewhere that backs that up. 1900 Alhambra Boulevard,