Radio star meets video, refuses to die

This American Life—Live!

Ira Glass: He looks like he sounds.

Ira Glass: He looks like he sounds.

“Radio is so 80 years ago.” This, the Web site for Public Radio International’s This American Life willingly admits. Come on, even I know that.

I’ll forgive the faux pas that 1.7 million of you nationwide made, tuning in to TAL each week. Lesson learned. But can someone please tell the modernized yet oh-so passé listeners of one of the top podcasts in the States to quit lagging and get a clue? Or what about that Emmy-nominated Showtime series spawned from the original radio show? Nice try, but TV’s been out since before that obnoxious digitally-animated dancing baby came around.

So why there’s 320-plus movie theaters (four in Sacramento) participating in the one-night-only This American Life—Live! event, I’ll never know. It’s being broadcast via satellite from New York next Thursday, with outtakes, never-before-seen (or heard) stories, new-season sneak previews and a Q-and-A session with host Ira Glass. And popcorn. How charming.

What’s that? You want to go? What is this thing even about? Everyday people, real experiences? No thanks. While you’re off being totally uncool, I’ll be monitoring my Sudoku eBay auction and saying “wassuuup?” to my homies on Friendster.

Fine: If you must know, the details are below. Don&Rsquo;t say I didn&Rsquo;t warn you. Hey! Maybe I’ll research that kanji tattoo I’ve been meaning to get.

This American Life—Live! Thursday, 8 p.m. Century Roseville 14, 1555 Eureka Road; (916) 797-3456; Regal Natomas Marketplace Stadium 16, 3561 Truxel Road; (916) 419-0205; Century Downtown Plaza 7; 445 Downtown Plaza; (916) 442-9022. Century Stadium 14, 1590 Ethan Way; (916) 922-4241. Visit for more information.