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Speak of the devil, it’s Ozzy Osbourne!

Speak of the devil, it’s Ozzy Osbourne!

Sacramento is a record-store town. Though the Tower Records days are gone and we’re moving into the Dimple era, the circle of music fans, record collectors and small record shops still make Sacramento a great place to be a record collector. This Saturday, the Sacramento area will put a unique spin on the fourth annual Record Store Day.

Rare Records, The Beat, and Brooks Novelty Antiques and Records are registered on www.recordstoreday.com as official participants in this international celebration of records. Phono Select in Midtown, Armadillo Music in Davis and six Dimple Records locations in the Sacramento area have also pledged to sell select commercial Record Store Day releases. There will also be releases from the likes of AC/DC, Pearl Jam, Fela Kuti, Bob Dylan, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and basically everyone in between. Formerly local band Deftones will release and sign its album Covers in Portland, Ore., and local singer-songwriter Sea of Bees will release Bee Eee Pee in the U.K. and will perform at Phono Select at noon and Armadillo Music at 3 p.m.

Other reasons to check out the celebration include Phono Select’s party with deejays, live bands, art and a raffle; the many used records that cost less than $10; and the fact that many audiophiles swear that records have a superior sound quality to any other recorded media format. Besides, Ozzy Osbourne is the official Record Store Day ambassador. All aboard the Record Store Day train!

Record Store Day happens Saturday at Rare Records, 1618 Broadway; The Beat, 1700 J Street; Brooks Novelty Antiques and Records, 1107 Firehouse Alley; Phono Select, 2312 K Street; Armadillo Records, 205 F Street in Davis; and Dimple Records locations in Sacramento (2433 Arden Way), Citrus Heights (7830 Macy Plaza Drive), Folsom (313 E Bidwell Street), Roseville (1701 Santa Clara Drive), Elk Grove (9692 Elk Grove-Florin Road) and Davis (212 F Street).