Put a beard on it

Beard Beanie

With open follicles, many men have embraced the renewed recent facial-hair trend. Illustrated mustaches on drinking glasses, baby pacifiers and jewelry celebrating the unshaven are a dime a dozen (plus tax and shipping), but what about beard gear? Enter the Beard Beanie. It’s a knit cap with a handmade crocheted beard, replete with handlebar ’stache. The beards come in several colors to match your hair with various styles of hats, all more interesting than the standard ski mask. Custom versions are also available on Beanie maker Tara Duffin’s Etsy page, where you can swoop up your favorite elementary schooler’s first beard, or a long, shaggy one for Grizzly Adams types. http://beardbeanie.com, www.etsy.com/shop/taraduff.