DisColouring Book

I’ve heard of musicians collaborating via the Internet to make an album, but this is the first time I’ve heard of artists using the medium to create a coloring book. The people behind DisColouring Book use Facebook to find artists all over the world to contribute. Founded in the United Kingdom, the books can be purchased online and shipped anywhere. Inside, there’s an artist list and pages similar to a coloring book, except that each work is done by a different artist and some by multiple artists. To participate, order the current edition, collaborate on a piece, scan in the pre-colored work and, when you’re finished, email it to discolouringbook@gmail.com. If they like it, you’ll be featured in a future edition. If not, then at least you get a coloring book and a free sticker to decorate. The third edition is set for released April 25. www.facebook.com/discolouringbook.