Pretty Harry

You're an adult. You're not in college or a combat zone, so your days of seeing a care package arrive at your door are probably over. Unless, of course, you choose to conspire with Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. More of a skin-care package, this monthly surprise contains four to seven sample- and full-size vegan, cruelty- and palm-oil-free beauty products from various brands, like LVX (nail polish). For the low-maintenance types, Vegan Cuts also ships out a Snack Box of seven to 10 edibles with the same ethos. While there's no guarantee that you'll love the Molly Rose Pickles & Ice Cream Lip Balm (despite the name, not an edible) or everything that comes in the box, it's a fun gift—that you paid for. If you've got some disposable income to blow, subscribe at for a monthly delivery ($19.95), or just order it once in a while, you know, if you're feeling lucky. Well, do you, punk?