Pretty dank

Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana

Photo by Erik Christiansen

Cannabis is all over the place, and you're finally getting a little interested in trying some for yourself. The problem is, just how is it that you actually roll a joint? And what the hell is CBD, and why does everybody get excited about a strain that reeks of cheese?

Obviously, you need to read more.

Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana (Chronicle Books LLC, $30) is a slick book made for those with just about no idea of what's going on with cannabis. From intro lessons on different ways to partake in it to a breakdown of the differences between sativas and indicas, author Dan Michaels clearly lays out everything that you need to know to start getting lifted—assuming that you're a patient, of course.

Beyond the introductory lessons, there's an alphabetically arranged series of breakdowns on 170 strains, complete with notes on taste and on what sorts of high each strain delivers. Above all of that, there are incredibly detailed photos to accompany every listing, each picture pretty enough to make any seasoned stoner's mouth water (or dry up, maybe).

The photography pairs with smooth and easy-to-skim design, making for a book that works as an art collection, a reference manual and as a leisurely read. Assuming your roommate or significant other is cool with it being on display, you'd be hard pressed to find a better coffee-table book for quick browsing and starting awkward conversations with parents about your late-night habits.