Preparing for your first dance as a married couple

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The first dance at the wedding reception is both the first dance of the wedding reception, and also your first dance as a married couple. Many brides and grooms like to make this first dance a really special, memorable occasion, so they take private dance lessons. There is a special joy that comes from learning something new together and in learning to move together, as one, to the music Here are tips for taking dance lessons.

If you really want to feel the joy that comes from dancing, take your lessons early. Then, go out to a local ballroom once or twice a week and experience the pleasure of dancing together in public. By the time your wedding rolls around, you’ll be so good! You’ll love the first dance instead of being nervous about it. And dancing just might become one of your favorite things to do together on a Saturday night!

If you just want to learn to wedding-reception dance traditions, that’s OK, too. In that case, it might make sense to wait until about eight weeks before your wedding. Then, cram in the lessons. This approach is not recommended, but it can work if you really don’t care that much about learning to dance well.

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Pick a song you both love. Then find a teacher who can work with you and help you create a choreography that fits your song. Not all teachers can do this, so you may have to look around. Some only teach standard ballroom steps like those used in foxtrot, tango or waltz.

Make a commitment to practice dancing and keep all of your scheduled lessons. Make some notes at your lessons so you know what steps to practice. You may even want to use a video camera if you instructor permits.

Practice and prepare yourself for what to do if one of you forgets your steps. Learn some open, freestyle dance moves (when you are not touching each other). If something goes wrong, you can separate and dance freestyle for a moment before coming together. Consider making this part of your choreography. Then use it whenever you need to. Nobody will know that you forgot your steps!

Learn an entrance routine as well as a closing routine. Presentation is important. Doing this will add that extra touch to your dance.

Don’t count! Avoid looking at your feet (unless you are dancing Argentine tango, where this is part of the style).

Practice, practice, practice. Then relax, have fun and enjoy your first dance. Smile and look at each other! Just be ready to improvise and go into your open, freestyle routine if necessary!