Rated 3.0

Although never among the most iconic sci-fi creatures, the Predator has nonetheless starred in comic books, novels, video games and now five feature films, the latest being Nimród Antal’s mythology-expanding Predators. This revamp more closely resembles the lean and mean first Predator than the satiric Predator 2 or the blah novelty pairing of the AVP: Alien vs. Predator movies. The setup is like an annotated version of the first season of Lost mixed with the umpteenth remake of The Most Dangerous Game—a group of tenuously connected strangers fall from the sky onto an inescapable paradise, and must learn to live together or die alone at the hands of claw-faced alien hunters. Although the predators technically get top billing here, there are also recognizable humans like Oscar winner Adrien Brody (boy, that sequence of words just feels wrong) and a hilariously out-of-his-league Topher Grace.