Party Down: Season 2

Rated 4.0

The well-reviewed but little-seen Starz series Party Down was canceled last June when its season finale became the first TV show to ever draw a negative Nielsen rating. It’s too bad, because Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas’ comedy really hits its stride in season two, and the addition of Megan Mullally as a squeaky stage mom gave Party Down one of the best ensembles on television. The show’s gimmick is irresistible: A mishmash of struggling Hollywood types work for a slovenly catering company, opening the door for new settings, stories and guest stars every week (such as the episode in which Steve Guttenberg appears as himself). The deadpan Adam Scott (Piranha 3-D) returns as Henry Pollard, a fallen beer commercial star/lousy caterer, and he greats comedic support from fellow “oh, that guy” actors like Ken Marino and Martin Starr.