Get Him to the Greek

Rated 3.0

Considering that Russell Brand managed to steal 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall away from Mila Kunis’ cheekbones, spinning off his slithery, “rock god in rehab” character Aldous Snow into his own film was a no-brainer. Brand is Snow again in Get Him to the Greek, back on every kind of drug and getting dragged to America for a comeback concert by an ambitious record-company wonk (Jonah Hill). It’s an elegantly simple setup for anarchic, substance-enhanced hijinks, and Sean Combs has some great scenes as the deranged music mogul Sergio. Unfortunately, we live in the post-Apatow era of comedies, which means that after the characters have farted, puked, defecated and shoved their scrotums in our faces, we get the benefit of their moral high horse. But that’s the society we’re living in today—even our teen sex comedies judge us.