Pocket for Corduroy

Has Pocket for Corduroy gone too far on its new 6-song EP? Angela Frostbottom, a housewife and shopper from outer Carmichael, certainly thinks so. “While it’s not as salacious as that new Britney Spears album, Lap Dancer,” she told a reporter over lattes at Java City, “my 12-year-old twins were quite confused by the apparent intelligence at work here; pop-music consumer products should be uncompromisingly mediocre, to reflect basic American values.” Of course, mediocre this ain’t: Pocket for Corduroy’s tunefully resonant brand of abraded guitar emo-rock—think Fugazi reaching for a U2-meets-Jeff Buckley thing—comes fully into its own on this quite marvelous disc. Where the band’s four-song demo EP was pensive and tentative, As Soon is confident and direct. Could this Nevada City foursome become the next big thing? Check PfC out Friday, November 16, at the Capitol Garage, 1427 L St., and find out.