Einsturzende Neubaten

This pristine collection from Germany’s finest experimentalist band features previously unreleased and hard-to-find versions of its songs from the last 10 years. Unlike most shoddy attempts to chronicle rare back catalog, this package helps to tune global consciousness, once again, into the true “industrial” genre. Not satisfied with dissonant guitars and keyboards, EN took on the insidious task of introducing the world to mobile button noises, steel bars and motorized book hi-hats. Strategies takes cues from opera, new wave and classic German folk, yet these tracks are as fresh and organic as the day they were put to tape. Highlights include the live version of “Redukt,” “Querulanten” and “Der leere Raum.” No wonder Trent Reznor turned up at the band’s California tour dates several years ago. Fans of Young Gods and early neo-industrialists from abroad should do themselves a favor.