Wayne Hancock

Goddamn if I didn’t think to string some chicken wire across my speakers to protect ’em from getting too wasted in case A-Town Blues got me so hopped up on a pure shitkicker buzz that I started throwing bottles cuz I got too damn ebullient or something. Wayne Hancock is that good. In a sad day when the corporate “country” music bidness continues to foist pussy-boy crooners and other supermarket tabloid bait, Hancock tunes his pickup truck radio into a different station—one where Hank, Lefty and Johnnys Horton and Cash are still champs. You like pedal-steel lines that shimmer like a candy-apple red paint job and fat Telecaster riffs worthy of Don Rich and cool tunes with titles like “Miller, Jack & Mad Dog”? Consider these 10 fine originals plus four well-chosen covers. Better yet, why not honor your inner redneck by checking out Mr. Hancock when he jumpstarts the Palms this Thursday, November 8?