Rated 2.0

The barely released 2008 Anne Hathaway vehicle Passengers feels tired and frayed, perhaps stretched thin by a multitude of clichés culled from a multitude of genres. Hathaway plays a repressed shrink who counsels a shattered group of plane-crash survivors, including a handsome businessman (Patrick Wilson), who seems euphorically energized by the experience. Director Rodrigo García mixes family drama, conspiracy thriller, supernatural chiller and a little repressed-shrink-screws-her-edgy-patient, but the effect is listless and uninvolving. Hathaway and Wilson look beautiful—you’d almost rather watch them comb each other’s hair than see them put through the silhouetted motions of the Hollywood sex scene—but the chemistry isn’t there, and the big reveal will feel derivative to anyone who’s seen a certain popular Bruce Willis movie.