Momma’s Man

Rated 3.0

Momma’s Man is a droll Buñuelian riff on the modern male cult of perpetual adolescence. Writer-director Azazel Jacobs’ parents essentially play themselves (his father is avant-garde filmmaker Ken Jacobs), and the movie was mostly shot in their cluttered New York loft. But instead of a boho hipster named Azazel, their son is the doughy Mikey (Matt Boren), who stops by for a brief visit and stays for several weeks. Mikey is avoiding the responsibilities of fatherhood, and as he rummages through the artifacts of his banal childhood, the film becomes a variation on Buñuel’s existential masterpiece The Exterminating Angel. At first, Mikey doesn’t want to leave (he lamely blames the airlines; “They were gonna make us wait around”), but eventually realizes he can’t leave. Is it enough to sustain a 98-minute feature? Not quite, but it’s an interesting attempt.