One last squeeze

illustration by MARK STIVERS

Squeeze Burger

5301 Power Inn Rd.
Sacramento, CA 95820

(916) 386-8599

Last call for kitsch! Sacramento’s Squeeze Inn (7918 Fruitridge Road) is gearing up for relocation to its new, more ADA-compliant digs—a stone’s throw away on Power Inn—most likely sometime during the month of February. The longstanding 450-square-foot shack, featured on the Food Network and home to the burger with the flounciest cheese skirt this side of the Mississippi, will do its best to retain the charm of the original joint in the new space. But with the upgrade in area, the only squeezing in likely to take place will be you into your jeans after lunch. (Note: Split a small fry, if any, between you and a friend.) While the real Squeezeburger flavor will remain the same, now’s your last chance to lay claim to the O.G., to sigh and lament “the good old days” to your less-cultured friends.