Not afraid of the big bad panda

Oh, China. What are we going to do with you?

Oh, China. What are we going to do with you?

Sacramento Asian Community Center

7375 Park City Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95831

(916) 393-9026

Even after last summer’s awe-inspiring Olympic Games, China continues to be an elusive place. Some compare believing that China exists to believing in a higher power. If someone hasn’t seen it for themselves, does it really exist? Author Lawrence Klepinger hopes to enlighten at least a few Sacramentans when he presents his firsthand account of the People’s Republic of China in his book China House. The Sacramento resident spent one year teaching English in Fujian Province at Fuzhou University and observed how the Communist government was doing his students wrong—exploiting them and China’s other 1.3 billion citizens in its quest for economic superstardom. (Does he know the media is not supposed to depict the “new” China in a negative light, or did he not get the memo?) After the presentation, there will be discounted copies of the book and a book signing. If someone from the Chinese government asks what brought you there, tell them The Sacramento Bee sent you.