Do it on speed

In the world of dating, it’s not usually kosher to go on 12 dates in one night. First of all, there are certain names reserved for people like that. Secondly, it’d be damn expensive—unless you’re just that smooth. But in the 21st century, it’s not about one love or free love; it’s about speed love. Why waste countless hours laughing at someone’s stupid jokes over a plate of undercooked pasta only to spend the next few days dodging their phone calls? The solution?

Speed dating on Tuesday, January 20, at Level Up Food & Lounge. After 12 six-minute dates, you can weed out the duds, flirt with the studs and still be in your pajamas in time to watch Conan.

If you’ve already found that special someone, try a romantic date night of ice skating.

Westfield Downtown Plaza Ice Rink closes this week on the 19th, but it’s still a good excuse to snuggle close to your lover in the frigid cold, laugh when your partner falls on their ass and then head somewhere for a hot toddy.

It’s what relationships are all about: pain, jokes, warm feelings in your gut.

For those pissed-off souls without a significant other, take out that frustration with mass destruction:

Total Wrestling Federation Mass Destruction at the Colonial Theatre on Saturday, January 17. There’s nothing more invigorating than watching someone else’s brains get beat out when you’re having trouble in the love department. Maybe you can get that asshole Cupid into the ring.