It’s bra-burning time

Too bad Bobby Kennedy’s awesome hair didn’t come back into style in 2008.

Too bad Bobby Kennedy’s awesome hair didn’t come back into style in 2008.

Sacramento History Museum

101 I St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 264-7057

How rad to hear Jerry Garcia riffing with the Grateful Dead while smoking a doobie and being serenaded by Jimi Hendrix, only to end it all by grooving to the classic Motown sounds of the Temptations in person? In Sacramento, no less.

Um, yeah. If there is a time machine to take people back to Sacramento circa 1968, where’s the sign-up sheet? But it wasn’t all flower power and free love in the 916 back then. There also was an intense presidential election, a growing anti-war sentiment and massive protests for equality. Hmm, sounds familiar.

But seriously, 2008 echoed much of what happened in 1968. Separated by 40 years, both of the eras were rocked, electrified and thrown under a bus. Just check out 1968: It Happened Here at the Sacramento History Museum (formerly the Discovery Museum Gold Rush History Center). Three glass boxes narrate how Sacramentans participated in the era’s major themes: the 1968 presidential election, the Vietnam War and cultural changes. The exhibit may be small, but don’t underestimate its cool factor. There are lots of awesome trinkets from the era, including tattered buttons that read “Lesbianism Is Revolution,” “Nobody for President” and even a President Richard Nixon bobblehead. There also are emotional photos of protests in Capitol Park, student walkouts at Sacramento High School, candlelight vigils and rallies for presidential candidates. It’s a whole lotta history in a small space. And don’t worry: Be happy that you’ll have all of ’09 to reflect on ’68—and ’08 for that matter. Peace out.