Nobody’s Fool

Rated 2.0

A go-getter at an ad agency (Tika Sumpter) carries on a smartphone/email romance with a man she’s never met (Mehcad Brooks), while straight-arming the obvious interest of a coffee-shop barista (Omari Hardwick); when her brash older sister (Tiffany Haddish) gets out of prison and moves in with her, her whole life is thrown into chaos—from her job to that fishy-sounding romance. Writer-director Tyler Perry throws all kinds of ideas at us, but he never manages to get over the basic problem at the center of his script: Sumpter’s character is shallow and unlikeable, while Haddish’s is essentially a younger version of Perry’s own Madea persona, only coarser and more obnoxious; she wears out her welcome in record time. Whoopi Goldberg tags along as their mother, while Amber Riley plays Sumpter’s best friend. J.L.