Nightlife & Entertainment: Sunday Night Dance Party with DJ Larry

Bring your Sunday best for DJ Larry’s end-of-weekend dance parties.

Bring your Sunday best for DJ Larry’s end-of-weekend dance parties.


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24. Go to church

DJ Larry’s Sunday Night Dance Party at the Press Club is known as “going to church” in Midtown. What better way to top off the weekend than with a final night of dance and debauchery with Sacramento’s longtime DJ Larry, a.k.a. the Flower Vato? Larry Rodriguez refers to his weekly dance party as “the Mothership” because before the evening kicks off, he sets the mood with his mandalas—Indonesian tapestries that react to the black lights illuminating the entire club.

“It feels like you are stepping into a different dimension and they seem to help people get out of their constrictions,” he says of his mood-enhancing décor. “Sometimes, it feels like being in a flying saucer soaring through the cosmos.”

As an active deejay for the past 20 years, it’s no surprise the Flower Vato’s record collection includes 6,000 LPs and 12-inch singles, and “a massive 7-inch collection.” His music library is so large, it requires entire shelves dedicated to jazz, punk, country, world, experimental, new wave, psych and, of course, his Dance Party staples: funk, soul and R&B. Name it, he’s got it.

Although he no longer lugs around 1,000-plus records to gigs, during Sunday service, DJ Larry packs an arsenal of up to 30,000 songs to send those aboard the Mothership into cosmic dancing bliss.

Rodriguez has been inspiring rooms full of strangers and friends alike to come together, let loose and dance the night away since 1997. Whether it’s G Street Wunderbar’s 12-year-running Funk Night in Davis, Saturday’s Pop 40 dance night at the Press Club or his latest punk, wave and goth night every third Friday at B-Side called Liquid Eye Lounge, this man is a living musical archive.

“Seeing everyone having so much fun at the dances is really a joy to the soul,” he says. Bless you, DJ Larry.

Sunday Night Dance Party starts at 9 p.m. every Sunday at the Press Club, 2030 P Street. There is no cover. For more information, visit S.R.

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