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iFly believes you can fly.

iFly believes you can fly.

photo by Darin Bradford

Did you just get out of church with DJ Larry? If not, better click here to get your groove on.

25. Fake skydive

iFly Sacramento

Want to try parachuting, but without the threat of death? Man, does iFly Sacramento have a pitch for you. Already operating in almost two-dozen cities, iFly’s new indoor skydiving facility—technically located in Roseville—opened its doors May 19 and gives people the chance to gear up in colorful flight suits, step into a windowed chamber and be propelled skyward by column-blasts of controlled air. With training, one session costs approximately $70, takes about 90 minutes and includes the equivalent of one-and-a-half skydives. High-fives are complimentary. 118 Harding Boulevard in Roseville, (916) 836-4359, RFH

26. Hunt down the latest, super-cool underground concert venue—and no, we’re not telling you where to find it

27. Roll ’em off the grid

Bowling at AMF Land Park Lanes

This south Sacramento bowling alley is way off the hipster grid—which makes it appealing on nights when you don’t feel like running into your old roommate or drinking buddies. The building recently got a cute, retro update to its exterior and it’s a perfect place to spend a hot summer evening. Purchase a daily summer bowling pass and play even more. Each pass, available through September 5, gets you three games per day (plus shoes) at $28.95 for adults and $23.95 for kids. Don’t want to hit the pins? Lucky you, there’s a bar, too. 5850 Freeport Boulevard, (916) 421-3671, R.L.

28. Win big prizes (or get lost trying)

SN&R's Discover Sacramento Scavenger Hunt

Fans of The Amazing Race are going to want to get on this. SN&R’s Discover Sacramento Scavenger Hunt is a fun way to get to know the city—and a great way to earn prizes, including some big cash. It works like this: Enlist friends and family members for a team (each participant must be at least 21). The hunt starts and ends at SN&R’s headquarters with myriad points in between; teams will follow SN&R’s Twitter feed for clues. The team that completes the most clues during the allotted time span wins. There are more rules, of course—dust off those scavenger talents by checking SN&R’s website for full details. Free, 10 a.m. July 30 at 1124 Del Paso Boulevard, R.L.

29. Rise from the dead

2016 Sacramento Zombie Walk

Sacramento is home to the world’s oldest zombie parade and Trash Film Orgy’s annual Carnival of the Dead keeps this tradition alive (err … undead?). This year’s offerings include a “Thriller” dance flash mob, a lurching parade down the R Street corridor, live music from the Secretions and an outdoor screening of Army of Darkness. Costumes are a must. If you’re not a zombie, you’re dinner. Free; 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday, August 20, at Roosevelt Park, 1615 9th Street; B.C.

30. Party with the pirates


Take Garden Highway north to Swabbies and leave your cares behind. Sit at a picnic table and soak in the chillaxed Jimmy Buffett vibe featuring tacos (with Parmesan cheese for Jimboy’s fans), drinks and (mostly cover) bands. Right on the river, the whole place is engineered to maximize fun with friendly service. Now featuring more ladies bathrooms! Boat up to arrive river-people style. 5871 Garden Highway, (916) 920-8088, G.G.

30.5. Fall asleep during the second half of a West Wind Drive-in double feature

Drive-in movies start so late in the summer. You’re gonna need an extra-large caffeinated soda to power through.

illustration by Ben Della Rosa

31 Drink a beer with Cesar Chavez

Concerts in the Park

Concerts in the Park are already going full tilt since James Cavern kicked them off a few weeks back. This is the sweet summer spot before all the downtown parking meters have 10 p.m. enforcement times and the arena changes the neighborhood (and its population density) forever. So check out the extensive concert calendar (More than 50 bands and DJs in 12 weeks!) and get yourself there. Free; 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Fridays through July 29 in Cesar Chavez Plaza, 910 I Street; B.C.

32. Blast your friends away

Lazer X

There’s no better way to spend a summer afternoon with friends than shooting at them with lasers, right? Suit up with your pack and your phaser (don’t forget to set it to stun) and try to shoot your friends more than they shoot you. Pretty simple. There are different deals depending on the day of the week, including “Fire Til U Tire” unlimited laser tag play on Mondays. There’s also no age limit, so don’t be surprised when a well-trained kid team beats your ancient ass. $8-$20, 2600 Watt Avenue, (916) 483-5105, W.C.

“I may only be 10, but I’ve seen laser tag warfare like you wouldn’t believe.”

illustration by Hans Bennewitz

33. Nail down your State Fair plans

Toyota Concert Series

The California State Fair is July 8-24, a 17-day stretch of deep-fried Twinkies, wine tasting and nuzzling barnyard animals. How to choose the best day to visit? Consult the Toyota Concert Series lineup! Are you feeling more Salt-N-Pepa (July 8) or Plain White T’s (July 9)? Do you insist on original music legends, like Dwight Yoakam (July 17) or Chaka Khan (July 11), or will a tribute band like Matchbox Twenty Too (July 19) satisfy after a few wine slushies? Can’t decide? Buy a $29.99 state fair season pass before July 7 and see every show. Free with fair admission, Cal Expo, B.C.

34. Drink like a sailor

Sail Inn Grotto

The Shady Lady Saloon team did it again, transforming an old dive into a certifiably cool, nautical-themed watering hole. With a massive marlin behind the bar, it’s just the right level of kitschy without being annoying. Great cocktails? Of course. Grab a Lava Flow and meet the new West Sacramento. 1522 Jefferson Boulevard in West Sacramento, (916) 272-2733, J.B.

35. See live music on a rooftop

Warehouse Artist Lofts

The problem with going to shows in the summer is that everyone wants to be outside at night. That’s the glory time. Enter the Warehouse Artist Lofts. A lot of rad stuff happens there on a regular basis, but its rooftop concerts are easily one of its greatest contributions. The music varies, but it’s generally a little more interesting, artistic or thoughtful than what you’d find on an average night at a bar. 1108 R Street, J.B.

36. B.Y.O.P.

Drunk Poetry Night at Pour House

Write. Drink. Repeat. Win prizes by writing your greatest poem ever created on a bar napkin. Hosted at the Midtown watering hole the last Thursday of every month at 9 p.m., this event encourages poetic creativity with bouts of liquid courage. Host Andru Defeye, a founding member of guerrilla-style art collective ZFG, creates fun categories like dirty haiku battle, “cards against poetry slam,” gangsta rap poetry recital and more. This is a B.Y.O.P. party: Bring your own pen. 1910 Q Street, (916) 706-2465, S.R.

37. Give up on finding the latest, super-cool underground concert venue. Head to Marie’s Donuts.

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