Nick Shattell

There’s little doubt that singer-songwriter Nick Shattell, a.k.a. Not An Airplane, has been influenced by the likes of Richard Buckner and Townes Van Zandt. Armed with an acoustic guitar and his own distinctive vocals, Shattell’s music relates stories of heartbreak, sorrow and self-reflection. See for yourself when Not An Airplane plays tonight at Old Ironsides.

1. “So Much Wine”
by the Handsome Family (from In the Air)

2. “Aliens and Angels”
by Travis Vick (from Player Piano)

3. “Wanted”
by Loose Fur (from Born Again in the USA)

4. “Last Flowers”
by Radiohead (from In Rainbows B-Sides)

5. “Hold On Hope”
by Guided by Voices (from Do the Collapse)