Ngaio’s top 10 for 420

SN&R’s weed writer’s top 10 strains of 2017, written on his phone from Berlin at a weed conference

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1. Roze

From 3rd Generation/Dying Breed Farms. Sweet, pleasant, good for happiness and smiling.

2. Super Master

From Giving tree Genetics. Covered in crystals. Very stinky. I don’t remember the effects. I just remember being really, really high. But not in a bad way.

3. Mickey Kush

From Honey Badger Farms in Oregon. Full-flavored, kinda dumb-making.

4. Strawberry Banana Gelato (Cherbinsky cut)

From Monterey Ocean Grown farms in Salinas. Tastes like strawberries. Hella pleasant.

5. Woodman’s OG

From Near Laytonville somewhere. Tastes like the great outdoors. Classic OG flavor.

6. Forbidden Fruit

From Rococo farms. Tastes like a fruit smoothie.

7. Purple Tangie

From OG Steve Bourland. Tastes like a purple tangerine. Great looking. Delicious.

8. Blueberry Muffin

From Space Monkey Meds. Sooo tasty! Straight blueberry flavor that makes you want to take an extra hit. However, this cut put me straight to sleep every time I smoked it. I finally had to leave it alone until bedtime.

9. Tropical Sleigh Ride

From Greenshock farms. 2017 Emerald Cup winner for “Most Terpenes.” Super flavorful tangie-esque buds with really nice effects.

10. Chocolate Hashberry

From Bon Vivant farms. Back on the list because it’s hella tasty. Chocolate and coffee with a kind of smokiness. Great for discussions and feeling like a grownup.