Blazing ahead

Two canna-biz accelerators look to help green entrepreneurs.

The Infusion Factory and Khemia Manufacturing are poised to help smaller businesses create and maintain success.

The Infusion Factory and Khemia Manufacturing are poised to help smaller businesses create and maintain success.

Starting a cannabis business from scratch is hard and expensive work. Fortunately, there are two companies in Sacramento working to make things easier for would-be cannabis entrepreneurs.

Infusion Factory, located in a discreet warehouse in South Sac and run by veteran cannabis activist Landon Long, has just about everything a person needs to get their business off the ground. Need a commercial kitchen to make your edibles? Got it. Need fancy new state-compliant packaging? No problem.

“I have done contract manufacturing in other businesses,” Long says. “I had a company doing e-liquid and other products. We have the capacity to do product design and development. But before we do all that, it’s all about compliance.

“Can someone get a license? Can someone set up their business? The answer is that it’s possible, if someone has the fortitude to do so. I wish it was easier, but setting a business can be cost-prohibitive. Just finding a facility that is in the sweet spot for zoning to allow a cannabis business can be a nightmare.”

The Infusion Factory could be a valuable asset for those that already are halfway set up in the gray area of the cannabis industry, but need a little help to go fully legit.

Closer to Midtown, Kim Cargile of A Therapeutic Alternative dispensary on H Street, along with her partner Mindy Galloway, are starting a canna-business accelerator. They have named it “Khemia” (according to Cargile, “Khemia” is a root word for “alchemy”). They are looking to be a “godmother” company for 30 new cannabis businesses.

“As business operators in the cannabis industry for the last 15 years, we know that the transition into the regulated market is not easy and for many not even possible,” Cargile says. “At our dispensary, we have seen over 70 percent of the brands patients have come to love fail to get a state license. As advocates for the industry, we want to help.”

“We have formed our company with the intention of taking companies under our wings and getting them on the right track,” she continues. “We are looking to partner with small manufacturers to provide a city-permitted and state-licensed facility and the funding to scale these companies across the state to become California’s leading manufacturer.”

That’s a strong vision, but Cargile is more than capable. She not only runs one of the most successful and community-oriented dispensaries in Sacramento, she is also a steadfast and passionate advocate for patients’ rights.

With their long and impressive track records, plus their dedication, not just to running successful businesses, but also to helping cannabis patients and working toward more equity in the industry, the Infusion Factory and Khemia Manufacturing are poised to help the smaller businesses in Sacramento’s cannabis industry to create and maintain success in what can be a challenging time for the small canna-business owner.