Nerd it up, stoner

Ngaio Bealum is a Sacramento comedian, activist and marijuana expert. Email him questions at

Hey what should I get my stoner friends for the holidays?

Hey yourself. Happy Holidaze. Let's start with the obvious: Weed is always a good gift. Spice it up though. Give a subscription box from a company such as MonthLeaf ( or Lucky Box Club (, and they will be well stocked and hella stoked. Ask your local dispensary if you can buy a gift card.

If your stoner friend is the sort of person that likes table games, Weed The Game from the Stoner Brothers is fun. If you can find a vintage copy of Dealer McDope from counterculture legends Last Gasp Press (creators of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers), the Boomer Stoner in your life will love you forever. Also, Lords of Cannabis is a great game. It's like Settlers of Cataan, but with weed. Nerd it up, stoner.

Does your friend like books? Longtime activist fighter Ed Rosenthal is also a prolific author. Check his website for strain guides, how-to manuals and cookbooks. Speaking of cookbooks, world-class cannabis chef Andrea Drummer (seen on Netflix's Cooking on High and the executive chef at L.A.'s Cannabis Cafe) just published a book called Cannabis Cuisine: Bud Pairings of a Born Again Chef. Get two copies because you are gonna want to keep one for yourself.

Maybe your stoner friend is a gearhead. Zam grinders (@Zamgrinder on Insta) are efficient and easy to use. Chameleon Glass ( pays their blowers a living wage and they make cool pipes and bongs. The dabhead in your life could probably use a new silicon mat and some dab tools. Your homie who has a few plants in the backyard most likely needs a drying rack and maybe a bubble hash-making kit. Bubblebag Dude ( has a variety of well-made kits.

Listen, you don't even have to give your stoner friends a cannabis-themed gift. Maybe you can give them snacks, or tickets to Star Wars, or even just the simple gift of time. Stoners love to hang out with their friends, especially when it's cold outside. Have a good season.

I’m curious about purchasing seeds online. Is there a safe (legal) way? Where does one get seeds? Thanks!

It is illegal to ship seeds through the U.S. mail. Weed is still federally illegal. The odds of getting busted are low, but it could happen. Since this is California, you can buy seeds at your local dispensary, and I'm pretty sure you can get seeds delivered as well. I know that the I Heart Cannabis delivery service will deliver seeds all over NorCal. Check out Leafly and Weedmaps for a delivery service in your area. Enjoy your time in the garden.