Nectar of the gods

Are Sublime Canna’s new vape catridges truly out of this world? Our writer explores that notion.

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Sublime Canna, an award-winning cannabis manufacturing company based in Oakland, raised $6.2 million from investors in May to help increase production and launch a new line of products as demand for high-quality cannabis continues to grow.

In July, Sublime debuted its new series of vape cartridges, called Strata. These half-gram, all-glass cartridges are filled with potent cannabis oils made through cold ethanol extraction, one of the more popular methods because it uses controlled temperatures to concentrate the plant’s treasured oils in its purest form. On its website, Sublime touts that Strata cartridges contain “no added industrial terpenes or harmful solvents” for a clean and flavorful experience. I’ll bite.

There are four varieties and the packaging is intriguing, inspired by (and named after) both our solar system and Roman mythology: Mars (red), Mercury (orange), Neptune (blue) and Venus (purple). Each cartridge is packaged in a colorful Toblerone-shaped box with clear labels. But as enticing as the packaging may be, Strata’s cannabis oil is the nectar that awaits at the center.

Described to be “powerful and fiery as the God of War,” Mars has little in common with the Roman god or the fourth planet. It’s J1, a sativa-hybrid strain that’s a cross between Jack Herer and Skunk #1, and it’s much more uplifting and energizing than the images the name evokes. With tangy citrus and pungent earthy tones, this 75 percent THC cannabis oil is dry and tingly like Pop Rocks. While the glass tip does alleviate the dryness, the pungent earthy tones are more dominant than the tingly citrus notes, making it constantly feel like smoking the desert.

But because it’s a sativa, it’s a blissful and uplifting head high, like opening the blinds in spring or the feeling Disney princesses might experience when they open their windows just before they break into song.

Akin to the velocity of the first planet, Mercury speeds you up before take off. Filled with Sour Tangie, a sativa-dominant hybrid cross between East Coast Diesel and Tangie, it truly is both sour and tangy. Though the flavor profile is obvious, it’s 71 percent THC oil, so it will shock you like a defibrillator and jump-start your brain so you can finally complete whatever tasks you’ve put off for days. While Sour Tangie is a bit harsher than other strains, the cartridge’s glass tip mediates the tartness, meaning you can maintain the quick head high without suffering prolonged coughing fits—a plus in any stoner’s book. And because it tingles the palate like a couple of sour Warheads, Mercury will keep you off the couch—and keep you productive.

Like the calm blue hue of the eighth planet in our solar system, Neptune washes over you like the gentle rising of the tide. It’s filled with Skywalker OG, an indica-dominant hybrid cross between OG Kush and Skywalker. At 69 percent THC, Neptune’s as cool as the Roman god himself. While not as euphoric as other indica-hybrids, Neptune’s spicy, herbal flavors calm the mind and soothe the body, producing a light full-body high. Each hit of Neptune is subtle and flavorful, another credit to the cartridge’s glass tip. Whether you’re looking to wind down for a Netflix binge or want to fully enjoy the season’s breeze, Neptune’s calming waves set the mood for all manners of relaxation.

The last in this space-themed series is named after the planet and the goddess of love and beauty: Venus. It’s as divinely relaxing as it is lovingly smooth. The cartridge houses Forbidden Fruit, a sweet and tropical indica cross between Cherry Pie and Tangie. As its name suggests, the fruit is forbidden because smoke enough of this cannabis oil at 76 percent THC and you’ll find that this heavy indica will leave you on the couch. However, in moderation, like the sensuality of Venus, it heightens sexual desire and passion. Couples who incorporate weed with their intimacy will find it also doesn’t interrupt or ruin any mood, giving the goddess of love and beauty the space to work her magic. And because Forbidden Fruit’s so relaxing and heavy, especially when consumed in large quantities, there’s no need to worry about getting a good night’s sleep. Thanks Venus.

With full-spectrum terpenes that are robust and flavorful, the Strata series is a great addition to add to your rotation. Its design is both elegant and compact, making it an excellent substitute for the joint you normally take to shows. Plus, each cartridge will have you floating like an astronaut.