Montell Jordan

Life After Def

On his 1995 monstrous hit single, “This Is How We Do It,” Montell Jordan sang that he’d never come whack on an old-school track. Well, the 35-year-old singer, songwriter and producer has made good on that promise with his latest release, Life After Def. Jordan says the album is a “testament to his ability to still be in the music game” especially since everyone had written him off after he left Def Jam Records and formed his own label. Known for his witty lyrics, Jordan delivers the goods again—getting started on the opening track, “The Big Man’s Back”—and shows he’s completely sprung over a lover on “I’m Going Krazy (Straight Bananas).” He kicks things up a notch with “Supa Star” and pours on the seduction with bedroom ballads such as “Make Up Sex” and “Bottom Line.” The big man is back indeed.