Coheed and Cambria

In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3

In music-biz gossip site The Velvet Rope’s folder “The Indie Scene,” someone started a thread called “The Most Unlistenable Indie Band Out There Is …” that quickly turned into a pissing match over the suburban New York quartet Coheed and Cambria. Detractors pointed out that mixing post-Jawbreaker emo with Rush-style prog might be inherently problematic. Agreed. And, if this CD were lunch, it might be like combining two great tastes: lutefisk and haggis. This blows so bad I’m sitting here laughing: an angry-mouse Geddy Lee-fest titled “Cuts Marked in the March of Men”? A three-movement bowel shift called “The Camper Velourium” I, II and III? Roll over Dagny Taggart and tell John Galt the news, baby! Rush is back. Wait: This isn’t the new Rush CD? Squeeee!