Mon., Feb. 18, Camper Van Beethoven

Odd Fellows Hall, 7 p.m., $18

Redlands rockers Camper Van Beethoven burst on to the scene in the mid-'80s with five albums characterized by surreal humor, inventive arrangements and violinist Jonathan Segel. It split and singer-guitarist David Lowery started Cracker. CVB reunited nine years later to greater crowds and appreciation. In January, it released La Costa Perdida, its first since 2004's post-apocalyptic New Roman Times. It's slower and spacier, and it indulges influences such as gypsy, Tejano and Cali folk. Lowery, who's spoken about how artists get the digital shaft, admits CVB benefited from wider appetites: “Music's benefited from radio's decline because tastes are not nearly as formatted.” 415 Second Street in Davis,