Fri., Feb. 15, Groovin High Band

Shine, 8 p.m., $15

All the best acid-rock bands from the '60s—Cream, Jimi, Sabbath—had a heavy blues influence. Locals Groovin High Band follow in the footsteps of those legends and take you right back to this late-'60s and early-'70s time period—not in a throwback sort of way, though. It's more like an it-sounds-like-it-was-actually-made-in-the-'60s-and-is-only-now-being-discovered kind of way. The group's songs vary from heavy proto-metal to groovy Haight Street jams, to even a couple straight-up electric-blues numbers. As much as it'll take you back to the late '60s, it also sounds fresh, which is a testament to how timeless this music is. 1400 E Street,