Zelda’s 35th anniversary party

Zelda's Gourmet Pizza, 7 p.m., no cover

If you don't like Zelda's Gourmet Pizza, that's fine—but you're a moron. “But the crust is gross, wah, wah”—shut your damn piehole, and just eat the pizza, all right? The dimly lit, granite-walled, Xmas-light-festooned joint is a friggin' institution. And Zelda's celebrates the big three-five this Saturday with live music, plus the usual stiff drinks, dollar Buds and legendary deep-dish pies. The Bongo Furys, a four-piece cover band featuring members of Sol Peligro, will provide the tunes for the night. I'm told it's gonna jam on some Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck and Return to Forever, then invite surprise guests onstage, too. That's great, but really, it's Zelda's goddamn anniversary: respect. 1415 21st Street, www.zeldasgourmetpizza.com.