M.J.’s laser resurrection

<i>This Is It</i>—with lasers.

This Is It—with lasers.

It’s already been one year since radio stations featured seemingly endless streams of Michael Jackson’s music to honor the life and death of the King of Pop.

Time goes fast, but historical figures remain frozen in time—and on the payroll for big corporations. It’s true. When someone becomes a huge brand, people will continue to make money off them long after they’re gone. But this also means fans can remember and re-experience their idols. All you have to do is add lasers.

Take the Laser Spectacular tribute to Michael Jackson, which will be shown at the Memorial Auditorium on Friday, June 25—the exact anniversary of M.J.’s death. The show is a multimedia experience honoring his career, which means that there’ll be lots of bright lights, lasers and special effects. True, it’s a high-tech way for people to make money off Michael Jackson postmortem. However, it’ll probably be a great show. There will be M.J. impersonators from Las Vegas, a troupe of dancers performing his original choreography and, of course, lots of lighting extravaganzas.

Plus, it’s family-friendly, so kiddos who never experienced a live performance by Jackson can get the next best thing. OK, maybe the second next best thing, because the This Is It movie was actually pretty good.

Although M.J. was also a king of controversy and misunderstandings, one thing remains true—he created kick-ass music. So celebrate.