Mitch Hedberg

Mitch All Together

Mitch Hedberg incites laughter with Redd Foxx’s rhythm and Steven Wright’s penchant for rapid-fire one-liners, sans segues; he adds a shy smile and a sweet, fragile nature that’s pure charm. This set includes a CD with 45 minutes of consistently funny stand-up. For hard-core fans, the DVD, also included, is the real treat. The first half features Hedberg slaying the audience like a seasoned pro; the second half is the same concert shown without edits. Watch Hedberg struggle with a crowd that just doesn’t get it. See self- and audience-deprecating comments that didn’t make it onto Comedy Central, as well as bits that didn’t get enough laughs to make the final cut—including some of the best jokes here. Best of all, see Hedberg stare at the ground, grinning sheepishly, when he hits his mark.