Rated 4.0 Rain Man meets Pretty Woman as the Danish Dogme95 film collective continues its “rescue” of world cinema by adhering rather loosely to a 10-principle “vow of chastity” that dictates the use of hand-held cameras and natural lighting and sound. A married Copenhagen yuppie (Anders W. Berthelsen) returns alone to his family’s farm to bury his father and care for his mentally challenged brother (Jesper Asholt). He hires a housekeeper (Iben Hjejle ), who turns out to be a kind-hearted hooker with a brother of her own in tow (Emil Tarding). This oddball, comic romance about hidden pasts and family ties is co-written and directed by Soren Kragh-Jacob. The title refers to a metaphorical link to samurai star Toshiro Mifune.