Godzilla 2000

Rated 2.0 After his brief flirtation with Hollywood, the fire-breathing saurian Samurai is back in Japan where he looks much more at home. This time, Big G battles a flying saucer that, after lying dormant on the ocean floor for 60 million years, has now transformed itself into a gigantic cross between the creature from the Alien movies and some kind of lobster. Their titanic fisticuffs, as usual, leave Tokyo a pile of smoking rubble. Scrambling around under their feet are the usual assortment of humans speaking badly dubbed English (this time there’s even a “Godzilla Prediction Network”), and the whole thing is served up with the endearingly cheesy special effects that are the trademark of Toho Studios. It’s loony low-camp, of course, but just about irresistible if you’re in the right frame of mind.