Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

Paramount Home Video

If you were one of the 10 people who saw this in the movie theater upon release, you already know that the members of Metallica have softened themselves beyond redemption. Once considered the kings of the Bay Area metal scene and perhaps the biggest metal band in the world, Lars Ulrich and company have reduced themselves to the lowest common denominator. Sure, it’s fascinating to see how much money gets thrown around the Metallica camp. From employing a full-time therapist for a five-figure monthly salary to new bassist Robert Trujillo’s $1 million signing bonus, we learn more than we need to about the Fab Three. Instead of live footage or rarities, Metallica fans have to watch Dave Mustaine’s breakdown during a therapy session. We all know James Hetfield is now clean and sober. Sadly, he was better drunk.