Meals to celebrate

Changes are afoot at Sub Shack (5201 Folsom Boulevard, (916) 457-5997), a longtime Sacramento favorite where owner Gary Sleppy has added homemade breakfasts (from Guinness corned-beef hash to amaretto French toast) and a Thursday wine night and buffet dinner. He plans to add more dinner service in the next month or so. As Sleppy gets busier with his own restaurant, I asked him where he eats when he has something to celebrate:

1. “Most definitely the Waterboy. That’s one of my favorite places in Sacramento—I think [owner] Rick [Mahan] does a fantastic job over there. Whatever their special is is always the best—I don’t even need to look at the menu.”

2. “Love Nishiki. Anytime there’s any celebration, it’s almost always Nishiki. You never tell ’em what you want; you just say, ‘Make us something.’”

3. “Tres Hermanas. That used to be our go-to breakfast place when we lived downtown. It’s a great little spot, with really nice people. I love the carnitas.”