He’s been called a modern-day Marvin Gaye. Neo-soulster Maxwell may reach back to a ‘70s R&B aesthetic for inspiration, but his patented, smoldering sensuality and deeply moving lyrics place him head and shoulders above his contemporaries. Maxwell takes much more artistic liberty than before on Now, without a doubt his most eclectic work, harkening back to the funkdafied and soulful sound of his masterful debut, Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite. He still hasn’t shaken his love jones, as love, lust and loss continue to occupy his mind. Whether he’s singing in despair over a relationship on the hauntingly beautiful ballad (“Lifetime”), lamenting the one that got away (“Was My Girl”), contemplating a one-night stand (the exquisitely arranged “Temporary Nite”) or looking for something more substantial (the horn-driven “Get to Know Ya”), his full-bodied falsetto captures all the pain and joy, gloriously.