Manny Ramirez joins the Sacramento River Cats as they face the Reno Aces this Friday, May 15, at Raley Field, TK in West Sacramento; 7:05 p.m.; $9.50-$64.50; Rumor has it there’s a special “Manny Pack” and a Manny Ramirez T-shirt available.

Major League Baseball will miss its Man-Ram drama: raking 555 homers and 1,831 RBIs over 19 years, getting drunk in bars when he’s supposed to be home sick with pharyngitis, fighting with managers and dabbling with the waiver wire, staying in Boston to spank the Yanks and win two World Series, causing a stir in Hollywood (a.k.a. “Mannywood”), failing two drug tests, retiring, coming out of retirement, finding Jesus, and finally finding something better than Jesus (the Oakland Athletics).

Anyway, Ramirez’s post-suspension stint with Oakland minor-league affiliate the Sacramento River Cats began this past Sunday, but his first local, River City gig before returning to the Athletics is this Friday.

So, May 25-28 is a last-chance to see a Hall of Famer in Sacto, so grab a ticket, a Dinger Dog, a blanket on the grass and maybe snag a Manny dong. Or find nine other friends and paint “Mannymento” on your chests.