Illustration By Mark Stivers

Normally, this space is reserved for little updates on the local food scene: what’s in season, what’s going on—that kind of thing. But I interrupt that this week for a mild manifesto on what Sacramento is really missing, foodwise. As the hot weather returns, I say unto you: Give me ice cream or give me death! OK, not death, maybe, but geez, enough with the frozen yogurt already. Why has nobody opened up a proper ice-cream shop in Midtown? What good are our justly celebrated warm summer evenings if we can’t stroll under old-growth trees licking sticky drops of rocky road or mint chip off a sugar cone? All you Land Parkers and Curtis Parkers with your Vic’s and Gunther’s are probably just nodding smugly now, but the center city deserves ice cream to walk to no less than you. (And just think of the business a place like that would do on Second Saturday alone.) Somebody, please, bring ice cream to Midtown.