Sweet 100

Illustration By Mark Stivers

The aisles at Taylor’s Market may be compact, but they’re brimming with good stuff. And now Taylor’s is making it easier to find all the regional goodies they stock by spotlighting them with a “Taylor’s 100” tag showing what comes from within a 100-mile radius of Sacramento, including wine, produce, meats and products made here—close to 1,000 products overall, estimates grocery manager David Hunter. Hunter says Taylor’s started the program after doing a Friday-night market with Soil Born Farms last summer. “We started talking to them about supporting local farmers more, and this was something we could do on our end,” Hunter says. Right now, regional produce is coming into its own: giant artichokes from Castroville “so big they look like the Statue of Liberty’s torch,” purple artichokes from Elk Grove (yes, really), early heirloom tomatoes from Yolo County and more. Stop in and look for the signs. 2900 Freeport Boulevard, (916) 443-6881, www.taylorsmarket.com.