Mando Diao

Bring ’em in

While everyone races to find the next Stones or Velvet Underground, few actually deliver the goods. Enter Mando Diao, a Swedish quartet that borrows sparingly from the Kinks and the Animals without sounding coerced or manipulated. Although virtually unknown in the United States, the band has managed to stir up quite a buzz with its frenzied live show and the double vocal-guitar assault of Gustaf Noren and Björn Dixgárd. During such tracks as “Sheepdog” and “The Band,” the meter jumps all over the place, and the band seems to barely hold it all together. However, “Bring ’em in” manages to override any technical misgivings, with infectious melodies and a hell of a 1960s vibe. Fans of Eric Burdon and the Libertines should lap this up like milk.