Make Fargo’s a triple

Props to City Councilman Kevin McCarty for pointing out this little political tidbit: If Heather Fargo is re-elected this June, she will break a City Hall record.

Fargo would be the first person elected to serve as mayor of Sacramento for a third term. Unlike the governor, state legislators and local officials in many other cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, Sacramento lawmakers don’t have term limits.

But Joe Serna only served part of his second term before becoming ill. Anne Rudin declined to run for a third term, and before her, Phil Isenberg jumped to the state Assembly after two terms. In the 1950s and earlier, the mayoralty rotated among council members, who served a year or two before passing it on.

If Kevin Johnson were to get into the race against Fargo, McCarty noted, he’d get to stick the word “change” on all his lawn signs. If not, Fargo coasts into the history books.