Mayoral media madness

All kinds of weirdness comes with doing weekly journalism in the age of up-to-the-second electronic media. For example, in our print edition that hit newsstands January 24, Upfront reported the rumor that Kevin Johnson was considering a run for mayor. That same Thursday afternoon, Upfront confirmed from political consultant David Townsend that Johnson’s possible candidacy was more than a rumor. By early evening, we posted the news on, sent our little piece to the political Web site Rough and Tumble ( and to a couple of our favorite bloggers (Sactown Royalty and Sac Rag were the first to post it).

Within a few hours, the Bee’s Marcos Breton had posted his own story. After that, Upfront watched the story spread through the local media, print, broadcast and Internet.

No, Upfront doesn’t want a cookie. Thanks for asking.