Lucinda Williams

World Without Tears

SWF, 50, a blonde, seeking true love for possible LTR. So far, tragic near misses. Prone to brilliance and loneliness in equal measure; WLTM man who may be the subject of more understanding than is good for him. Has produced three great CDs in a row; this one isn’t as atmospheric as the last, or as surprising as the one before that. Everything’s darker now, y’know? Smoker, drinker OK. Loves Coltrane, country music, hard blues and great lyrics (more than great melodies). Guitarists need not reply (Doug Pettibone meets all her needs with brilliance and loneliness in equal measure). Beautiful and difficult, the kind of difficult that rewards like nothing else: “Did you love me forever for those three days?” Get in; hold on. We’re going down.