Lose something?

A live bat in an empty ice-cream container

A live bat in an empty ice-cream container

Most of the time customer- service representative for Sacramento Regional Transit (RT) Debi Baptista sees the usual items—books, jackets, the occasional wallet—come into RT’s lost and found. But every once in a while something strange comes in … very strange.

One day, an RT driver brought Baptista a live tarantula in a plastic container. Baptista doesn’t know what became of the over-sized arachnid, but last year she happened upon its owner—a fellow RT employee. Apparently, the tarantula was a gift from a passenger that never got delivered. Here are a few other choice items found on RT’s buses and light-rail trains in recent years.






A prosthetic-leg attachment








A backpack full of dildos and thongs








Dirty dentures








$2,000 in cash