Looks like a party

Illustration by Serene Lusano

The Jackfruit Lotus Vegetarian Salad looks like the innards of 15 party poppers detonated on a plate. The taste is comparable—in the best, not-papery way possible. This confetti-looking dish from Coriander, the Vietnamese restaurant at 1899 Alhambra Boulevard, is shredded cabbage; slivers of onion, lotus root, banana blossom, tofu and jackfruit; leaves of mint; sesame seeds; and crushed peanuts dressed generously in a pleasant, slightly astringent tamarind sauce. It is certainly not a plain-Jane salad, and it is totally worth repeat visits. Although, take heed that the generous amount of raw onion may linger on one’s tongue until the next day. Nothing wrong with a little onion breath! The menu also has a baby-greens salad topped with fried tofu and cranberries, tofu noodle soup, plus a handful of dishes—including Saigon Crepes and Spicy Coriander Fried Rice—that come with meat, but are offered as vegetarian options.