Spotlight on salad

Illustration by BEN DELLA ROSA

It would be irresponsible to withhold that Veg Cafe & Bar’s salad not only outshines other salads in town, but even as a side, it steals the spotlight from the entree. That’s not to say that the new vegetarian eatery’s (2413 J Street, second floor) main dishes aren’t notable; the food is prepared with an ayurvedic approach, so whether it’s the curry or a veg burger, everything is seasoned delicately yet satisfyingly. Especially the salad. The colorful, fulfilling plate has a mix of whatever is in season in raw, roasted and quick-pickle form—like arugula, beets, squash, Brussels sprouts or tangy carrots. Every bite turns out to be a new discovery, and the mix of ingredients tastes intentional, balanced. Oh, is that fennel? Why, yes, it is. More salads should be like this. Bask in the natural light from the second-floor windows and feel warm on the inside, too—yes, from a salad.